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Become a StenoFest Sponsor (vendor) and take part in the most innovative
court reporting event in years!  With the greatest lineup of court reporting
speakers ever assembled, 17 hours of CUEs, and a low cost to attend, 
StenoFest is sure to be a huge success.
Games played during the event will encourage attendees to visit vendors.  
Pricing chart below, with details below the chart.  Spots are limited. 
(Gold Package is now sold out) 
Ready to jump in?  Email me at with your package preference.
Virtual Vendor Booth - All sponsors get a virtual vendor booth where attendees can visit, ask questions (through chat), watch videos, download information, etc.  Your booth will be personalized with the help of our platform manager.
Gold Package - $1800 - 2 spots only (SOLD OUT)
Silver Package - $950 - 6 spots only (3 taken - 3 left)
Bronze Package - $400 - 10 spots only (4 taken - 6 left)
  • Vertical banner ad in Seminar Hall - All seminars will take place in the Seminar Hall.   A vertical banner will be placed along the side of the screen, visible.  This is the highest visibility location.
  • Ad added to StenoLife - StenoLife is one of the largest online communities for court reporting, with over 700 unique views a day.  Ad will be placed on the main page for maximum viewing.
  • Banner in Networking Hall - Attendees can communicate with each other in Networking Hall, so it will be a high-traffic area.
  • Commercial (video) posted on the StenoLife YouTube Channel, StenoTube and StenoLife - The 3-5 minute video you create for you company will be posted on these 3 sites, getting hundreds of views a day.
  • 3-5 minutes commercial (video) played between seminars - Gold package vendors will get their commercial played 6 times total - 3 on Saturday, 3 on Sunday.  Silver package vendors will get it played 2 times total.
  • Company name drop during seminar intro - Our seminar introductions are going to be very entertaining!  We'll "drop" your company name in at some point during the introduction.
  • And more!  You don't want to miss out on the biggest event in years.
Projections - I can only make educated guesses since this is the first time anything like this has been done.  But taking these things into account - 

1 - Incredible lineup of speakers
2 - Low cost
3 - 17 hours of CEUs
4 - Over 100 copies of the For the Record documentary were sold the first week of sale

- I'd guess the number of attendees will be somewhere between 300-400...but that's a guess.  How many will attend the vendors?  If they want to win any prizes, they won't have a choice - and of course they want free stuff (who doesn't?)!  If they want to win something, they'll have to either watch a short video from your company or download something from your company to get a "puzzle piece" to win something.

Vendors will be able to track visitor interactions during the event.  

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