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Thanks for taking part in our StenoFest games.  We had close to 1,800 entries!  All winners will be contacted through email after the 18th.

A big thanks to all our prize sponsors - Brief Relief, Ed Varallo, Court Reporter Swag,
Emerald's Gifts, Endeavor Design and Seaside Steno Decals!

Every question was answered correctly by at least one person, but a few questions were tougher than others!  Below are a few of the questions and answers...

This one didn't fool many people.  It is...Kim Delaney!!!

Probably the hardest one to answer - what is the item on the right?  Only about 5 people got it right.  It's just what every court reporter needs - a steno machine urn!  And it can be yours for only $600!


I was surprised how many got this right - the movie is The Dark Knight!

The movie and musical to the right is...Legally Blonde!


The one to the left had more guesses of "Night Court" than the correct answer...Married with Children!

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