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IMPORTANT - CEU certificates will be available through the website directly until Sunday evening (see info below).  After that, access your CEU certificates through THIS LINK.

Ready to collect your CEUs?  First off, a big THANKS to NCRA for talking me through the process and making it as painless as possible.

Step 1 - Log in HERE and go to the "Certificate" link.  That will show you which seminars and quizzes you have completed.  If a seminar is not on that list, that means you did not complete the quiz.  If your certificate is complete and you're ready to submit, skip Step 2 and go to Step 3.


Step 2 - If you still need to complete some quizzes, go to the "Help Center" link and scroll down to the bottom of the page on the left - you'll see a list of all the quizzes you can complete.


Step 3 - You can print out your certificate, then scan it into pdf format, or if you know how to save it directly as a pdf, choose that instead.  What did I do?  I just entered the link to my certificate into this converter and got a pdf directly - - kinda cool.

Step 4 - Ready to submit?  First visit NCRA's CEU page and read it from top to bottom - NCRA CEU INFO.  StenoFest CEUs ARE pre-approved AND we have provided a certificate.

NCRA walks you through the prcess step-by-step on this page.  Remember, this should be a single form you are submitting.  The one fuzzy part is when it says "Once you are logged in, please read the instructions and answer the question. Please click “Yes” to enter your CEU information. Please click “No” to enter your PDC information (book tests, Realtime Coach practice, student mentoring, etc.)"  Basically you're going to go to that next page and click on the blue button you see below.

2-13-2019 2-30-48 PM.jpg

Step 5 - Just follow the submission steps - easy peasy.  Your submission page should look something like this.  Good luck!

2-13-2019 2-27-22 PM.jpg
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